The Power of Film: Teaching aid

Our unique and widely praised workshops are centred on contemporary, entertaining and “cutting edge” films. These films are deployed as teaching aids and effectively challenge stereotypes, counter prejudices and educate workshop participants against cultural and racial misconceptions. We thus effectively disrupt potentially dangerous racist and extremist political views. The films feature credible role models with real life stories that viewers from all backgrounds can relate too.

When Teachers Smile

Hear from teachers on the training we delivered.

Head for Cover

Our second film ‘Head For Cover’ is a much needed piece highlighting the growing discussion over the hijab and niqab. With the largest number of Islamophobic attacks taking place against women in hijab, this is a chance to hear from young British Muslim women and understand both sides of the debate. Take a look at the trailer and if you wish to take part in the film or the production of it feel free to contact us!


A teaser for our short documentary piece that introduces a prominent member of a small town British-Muslim community. These are his views on racism, extremism, Islamophobia, perpetuated stereotypes and life itself.