About Media Cultured

Media Cultured CIC is an award winning ‘education and training’ company based in the UK.  We develop and deliver unique teaching and learning resources for practical and interactive ‘Identity and Integration’ workshops.

Media Cultured was founded in 2012 by Amjid Khazir with the support of Teesside University’s Digital City Fellowship Programme and operates as a social enterprise.

Amjid Khazir

Amjid Khazir

Company Director Amjid Khazir has a background in public relations, marketing, faith work, race relations and volunteering. Having tragically himself suffered the loss of a family member as a result of racism and violence, he has chosen to challenge the barriers to community cohesion and integration, particularly amongst young people in the UK.

His passion, professionalism and commitment have seen him sacrifice financial and personal gains to envisage and establish everything from the research and development to the creation and delivery of the Media Cultured product.

Amjid is an UnLtd Award Winner and recipient of a Digital City Fellowship from Teesside University. His vast professional and voluntary experiences have enabled him to develop the knowledge and subsequent skills to be a “world leader” in this field.

From the outset Media Cultured has sought out and will continue to receive professional support from academics, faith workers, training professionals, business and social entrepreneur mentors as well as police and local government advisors to help shape, develop and improve its products.

Our Stakeholders and Partners include:

Our Stakeholders and Partners include