Media Cultured CIC is an ‘education and training’ company  that delivers positive messages on the rich and diverse nature of 21st century Britain using film and social media.


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Through bespoke programmes for schools, colleges, universities, private companies and faith groups, Media Cultured aims to tackle issues of racism, radicalisation and misrepresentation through the use of positive role models and clear messages about  ‘identity and integration’ within an increasingly multicultural society.

The benefits of our workshops will be to:

  • Reduce racism, anti-muslim hate (Islamophobia), anti-semitism and radicalisation
  • Improve understanding, attitudes and behaviours around immigration and integration
  • Demonstrate how “shared values” can unite diverse communities
  • Disrupt traditional and contemporary "pathways to extremism"
  • Improve inclusion initiatives, community cohesion objectives and approaches to equality training
  • Encourage wider social harmony, tolerance and integration.
  • Provide the required resources and training for facilitators to counter “non-violent” extremist views 
  • Train teachers and Equality and Diversity practitioners to deliver the workshops themselves.


Who are our workshops targeted at?

The public and private sectors are both respectively tasked with improving training and teaching around social inclusion, citizenship, equality and cultural awareness. Schools in England are also required by law to challenge radicalisation and by Ofsted under the SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) code of learning to provide a “coherent” pupil development programme.

Media Cultured will help facilitate these demanding requirements with a provision and pedagogy that supplements a typical school day or professional training scheme. Under licence and after a single training session, teachers or trainers will receive the knowledge and skills needed to deliver the ‘Identity and Integration’ workshop in-house. We also provide longer in-depth training programmes. 

Equality and Diversity practitioners have for many years wished to move away from the "dull, preachy, law heavy" E&D training sessions of the past.  Our workshops have been called “groundbreaking” and “innovative” by experienced E&D managers. 

The burgeoning threat from ISIL and far-right groups is a concern for all communities. The ‘Woolwich’ attack (2013), the vast increase in anti-muslim hate incidents, increasing support for far-right parties, the statutory requirement for schools to prevent radicalisation, the rise in anti-semitic hate crimes and anti-immigration policies are strong evidences of the need for the strategy and materials we have created.

Media Cultured has been described as “the reality” between government demands and the capacity and capabilities of the “at risk” institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, prisons and mosques to do more when it comes to tackling extremism. Our unique social enterprise model which is built upon strong grassroots support makes us the “stand out” education and training provider currently operating in the UK and specialising on the issues described above.